The Economy – Money – Part one

The world economy is a fascinating place to have a look and how old traditions have such a hold on the outlook of what it should be. Technology has had its effect too in speeding up how finance is done.
So to traditions, and this tradition and part and parcel of capitalism and that is of continued growth. When I first heard this I was astonished as I knew the world is finite and so how could this be sustainable? Well, it cant!
I started to write this about a week ago, and since then a lot has happened. One Crediting rating company reduced the USA to a AA+ rating. This sent shivers around the world. Now shares around the world are just off free fall. Investors are worried about another recession.
I heard on the radio a commentator saying that some people had “lost” millions of dollars because shares had dropped. But have they? I’d say now. The value of the shares they hold may be reduced, but they haven’t lost anything. If they sold their shares and sold them for more than they paid for them then they haven’t lost anything, in fact, they would be in profit!
Our view of money, finance, investment and our perception of value needs to change. We also need to revalue the why there is a need to earn more and more money. Is money the ‘god’ to be worshiped? Or is happiness a goal worth aiming for? Does a bank vault full of money make you happy, or just being with someone you love? Does the stress of making more and more money make you happy? And I mean lasting happiness? When you close that deal does that bring you lasting happiness, or is it when the adrenaline wares off you need a new deal to go for? Is it an addiction? Or do you sometime dream of leaving it all and living the simple life on a desert island? So, Why do you do it? Is there more to life than the money?

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