The London riots

It is dreadful to see and hear about the London riots and my heart and prayer go out to all affected.
One question that people will be asking is why, why did it happen? I had been thinking about this and coming to some conclusions from my experience of having lived in the area, when I read on a report that two girls who had been part of the riots answered the “why?” question with “its to show the police and the rich we can do what we want”. This is an extraordinary statement. Where does it come from, why do they feel this way?
When you work hard for a little money and that money is taxed. Then you see that money spent on “grand projects” like the Olympics, the millennium dome, and “given to the banks “because” of the GFC, and the banks are seen as the reason for the GFC, and then the bankers head off with a great pension! The rich are still seen driving round in their merc’s and BMW’s, while the worker has to take a pay cut or even loose their job. It is a perception that the poor have of the rich, the downtrodden and the aristocracy. The poor feel as though they are paying for the rich to keep their way of life and feel its not fair and are now “fighting” back.
The mass numbers on the street are simply the sheep effect. People love to be lead no matter what they say, they don’t really want to take responsibility for their actions – blame the leader – “I was only doing what I was told to do!” (ring any bells?)
And to stop the riots, change their perception of what is going on, love them and show them what community can be for them and they wont want to be part of the aristocracy because community is better.

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